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Episode No.   Series
63 1988x028
Original Airdate
20th October 1988 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Smithy had known sixteen-year-old Carly Samuels and her best friend Alisha Danniels since they were witnesses to a crime back on the Jasmine Allen estate. When Smithy attended a party that got out of hand, he recognised Carly who was leaving so he stopped her for more information. Carly had been in a spot of trouble in the past but nothing serious. She was a good person and Smithy looked out for her and her family in the past, so they had mutual respect. However, chillingly Smithy’s respect turned to horror after he saw Carly gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Carly died later in hospital from a gun shot wound to the neck. The police recovered the car used in the drive-by and bullet casings were found. These did not marry up with the bullet that killed her, meaning at least two guns must have been used. It was still believed the drive-by was a revenge attack on Marlon for carving up Tito’s back. The police did not have enough evidence however to charge Tito. Marlon got to Tito and held him at gun point and got Tito to confess he was in the car at the time of the shooting. Tito was arrested after DC Grace Dasari overheard this. In the police interview room, Tito went on to state he was in fear of his life, so said anything to stop Marlon from shooting him. Marlon was charged for the attempted murder of Tito and also possession of crack cocaine and a gun. Dwayne Fox, Carly’s ex-boyfriend and father of Carly's one-year-old daughter Brooke, was also in the frame but he claimed he was at home the time of the shooting looking after Brooke. A gun used in the drive-by was recovered from the local canal after psychic Dawn Stanley alerted police to it. However, this and another ‘vision’ about a man with the initials TM getting in to a dark Audi moments before the shooting, was believed to come from her boyfriend Pete Oldman who knew Tito but is scared of him. Carly's mother Leanne went to see a psychic, Dawn Stanley, hoping to get closer to her murdered daughter Carly. Dawn had a vision of someone with the initials T.M. getting into a dark Audi just before the drive-by shooting. Dawn’s psychic powers were probably helped along by her boyfriend, Zimmer, who knew Tito but wasn’t the type to say anything to the police, let alone sign a statement.

Leanne ended up at a very low ebb. Even though Tito was a strong suspect for Carly’s murder, he couldn’t be arrested without more evidence or a witness statement incriminating him. Frustrated with the law and grieving for her daughter, Leanne attempted to take her own life. Recovering in hospital, Smithy agreed to help Leanne get her life back and get justice for Carly. DI Neil Manson still felt Marlon Reed was the target in a revenge attack carried out by Tito, but Carly just got in the way. Because the psychic was right before, Neil agreed to have the canal searched after Dawn said a gun used on Carly was in there. A 9 mm automatic pistol was pulled from the water.

Carly's funeral was later held. Before it started Sun Hill officers had a few more clues to aid their investigation: a footprint that proved to belong to a very limited edition pair of trainers and another gun. At the funeral, much to the anger of the mourners, Tito showed up. A fight broke out and a gun shot was fired into the window of the hearse carrying Carly’s coffin. Tito’s prints were found on the trigger of the gun recovered and surprisingly Alisha’s were on it too. Tito claimed he grabbed the gun in the scuffle. Without enough to charge him, Tito got bailed. The first gun was found in the canal, nearby was a footprint that DS Max Carter married up to a custom made trainer. When Smithy brought Leanne up to speed with the investigation she recognised the trainer as one of Dwayne’s. Explaining why her prints were on the revolver, Alisha smashed Tito’s alibi. She admitted Tito and Dwayne were responsible for Carly’s shooting. Now the police are set to raid their homes and arrest them both for murder.

Now that Carly was dead and buried, all Leanne needed to gain closure was justice for her daughter’s murder. The police were relying heavily on Alisha as their key witness - it carried a lot more clout than forensics alone. Alisha signed a statement where she stated Tito and Dwayne were the gunmen. Officers raided Tito and Dwayne’s homes. Tito was arrested, but Dwayne had absconded. New evidence spun the case after cell site analysis on Alisha’s phone places her at the crime scene when Carly was shot. Alisha was arrested for perverting the cause of justice. On the spot she cracked, for she had a new version of events from that fateful evening. In her second statement, she conceded she was in the car when with an unknown driver, when Tito and Dwayne opened fire. On the run, Dwayne arranged for his boss Mark to pick up Brooke. Mark was compelled to help the police, but Smithy managed to get to Dwayne and arrest him after using Mark as a decoy.

Finally with Alisha’s new statement, Tito and Dwayne were charged with murder but then tragedy struck; Alisha was hit by a speeding car in a hit-and-run. Alisha was being ‘got at’ as she was a key witness. The car used to run her down was recovered. The car’s owner explained a young school boy car-jacked it. Twelve-year-old Danny Pearce was brought into custody; with his brother Joel in attendance too. When Danny struggled with the course of events around the car-jacking, Joel left the station to find a solicitor. After failing to return, Joel’s guilt became apparent. Danny confirmed his brother had put him up to admitting stealing the car and running over Alisha. Alisha was in St Hugh’s high dependency unit recovering from her injuries. She then refused to stand by her statement, fearing for her life. However, her father Oscar couldn’t believe the police let Joel out of custody that he tracked him down and attacked him. Luckily, Smithy caught up with Oscar and arrested him and Joel. Alisha then confirmed Joel was the driver when Tito and Dwayne gunned down Carly. DNA proved Joel was also the driver who knocked her down. Banged to rights, Joel agreed to testify against Tito and Dwayne, hoping the judge would go easy on him.

Everyone involved in Carly’s murder were in custody. With Joel’s statement, they were jailed, when this case went to court. Accused of murdering Carly Samuels, Dwayne and Tito were in court. The prosecution barrister told the jury Dwayne and Tito have little regard for human life and urged them, after hearing all the evidence, to return a verdict of guilty. On the other side, the defence barrister believed Tito and Dwayne were innocent. With Smithy on the stand, it was suggested he is so close to Leanne he would push professional boundaries. Grace was next up. The prosecution pulled apart her final piece of evidence that convinced her of Dwayne’s guilt; mud found on his trainer matched that from the location where the first gun was found, only that same mud could be found fifty yards away. Joel then took the stand. Whilst he told the court about the fatal night, Tito threatened him with a gun gesture to his head. Joel cracked and shouted Smithy made him sign a false statement. With the case rapidly falling apart, Alisha was called in after all. Determined not to let her incriminating evidence be heard, Alisha along with Smithy and her dad were dramatically ran off the by a gang member, flipping the car over. Key eyewitness Joel Pearce claimed he had been made to lie in his statement, so instead Alisha was brought in. The angst increased. Like Joel, Alisha too had been ‘got at’ by the Creekside gang, determined not to have her tell all. Despite this Alisha stood her ground and swore she saw Tito and Dwayne fire their guns towards Carly, but the defence simply tore apart her credibility.

On the Jasmine Allen a riot was in full swing. The ringleader Rahim Woods was arrested along with Spencer, another Creekside gang member. After interviewing them, it became apparent Tito’s favoured weapon was the 9 mm automatic pistol, not the revolver with his prints on. This meant Dwayne killed Carly, as it was the revolver’s bullets that hit her. In court, Smithy proved Dwayne’s motive - that he knew Carly was leaving for good with his daughter and was denied access. As Dwayne and Tito had a mutual hatred of Marlon, he goaded Tito to track him down and when Dwayne saw Carly with him, in a fit of rage Dwayne gunned her down.

Despite the defence having the upper hand and the jury on side, the pressure got too much for Dwayne and he cracked, screaming: “I want to change my plea.”

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