D.S. Vik Singh

Vik Singh
Biographical information

Male   Male

Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Sergeant

Current Status:


Other information

Portrayed by:

Raji James

First Appearance:

2000x071 -
On The Hook, Part One

Last Appearance:

2002x017 - Episode 006

List of Appearances

DS Vik Singh is a character in The Bill.

Vik Singh was boyish, cocky, talented, charming, and too bright for his own good. He never really did what he was told, or played by the rules, but usually managed to get away with it. There was a touch of Webb about him - and Webb loathed him for the way in which he drew attention to himself, performing, trying it on, chancing it. Stealing Webb's thunder, in fact. Despite his effervescent manner, Singh was more substantial than he appeared. He was great in a crisis, when he stopped messing about and focused. He was heavily into IT and gifted at the technological side of intelligence-based policing. Coming from Barton Street, he had built up an eclectic and sizeable portfolio of contacts with the local youth and ethnic community, on which Meadows often depended.

When racial taunts became too much for Singh, he hospitalised a white supremacist suspect. Confronted with the truth, Meadows suspended him pending an investigation from CIB, but rather than face up to the consequences of his actions he resigned with immediate effect. He now works as a taxi driver.

Service RecordEdit

  • 1988- Joins Stafford Row
  • 1990 - Transfered to CID
  • 1992- Transfered To OCG
  • 1994- Promoted to Detective Sergeant
  • 1996- Transferred to Barton Street
  • 2000- Transferres to Sun Hill 
  • 2002- Beats up Jeff Simpson
  • 2002- Resigns

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Major StorylinesEdit

Preceded by:
DS Geoff Daly
Sun Hill DS
Succeeded by:
DS Phil Hunter

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