Kerry's self-destructive behaviour after her rape in the hands of the evil Gabriel led her to helping DC Rob Thatcher to expose the highly criminal family, the Radfords by going unofficially undercover and even starting a relationship with David Radford. Smithy had become alarmed by Kerry's self-destructive behaviour and when he learned of her undercover mission with the Radfords, he sussed her out but then organised a raid when she reported what she had discovered. However, Irene, David and Wayne Radford discovered Smithy and he and Kerry were exposed as police officers, resulting in the two nearly getting killed in the fallout. But despite the attempted murder, Kerry continued to consort with David and when later exposed, Inspector Gina Gold warned her that her career at Sun Hill was on the line.

However, Kerry soon realised where her priorities lay when she caught David with another woman. When David held an armed robbery, Kerry sabotaged the operation and arrested him. But when it seemed that David Radford would finally be put away, Irene Radford presented evidence proving that Kerry had helped plan the robbery and persuaded David to go through with it in the first place, acting as an agent provocateur. This resulted in Kerry being arrested and suspended from the Met.

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