Played Second Neighbour in Woodentop

Actress Staring In:

Eternal Law As Dezzy In 2012 
Door Open In 2011 
Doc Martin As Elderly Patient in 2011 
The Decoy Bride As Ancient Crofter's Wife In 2011 
Doctors As Millie Keith / Daisy Cook / Elsie Jones From 2007-2011 
EastEnders As Doris Hounslow In 2011 
Kingdom As Mrs. Thing From 2007-2008 
Casualty As Mary Aplin In 2006 
Little Britain In 2005 
Hustle As Old Nun In 2005 
The Murder Room As Ada Gearing In 2004 
New Tricks As Joyce In 2004 
The Bill As Mrs. Brooks In 2003 Episode: 161 
My Hero As The Older Man In 2002 
The Bill As Mrs Tring In 2001 Episode: The Dark Side 
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) As Mrs Endor In 2000 
Ruth Rendell Mysteries As Mrs Peabody In 1998 
The Bill As Fern Miller In 1997 Episode: Tommy the Hero 
Noah's Ark As Mrs Hargraves In 1997 
The Bill As Alma Walker In 1996 Episode: Starting Young 
Wycliffe As Old Woman In 1996 
Silent Witness As Jean Ryan and Jean In 1996 
Theif Takers As Mrs McCallum In 1996 
The Peacock Sprint As Miss Barlow In 1996 
The Bill As Mrs Downes In 1995 Episode: Upstairs, Downstairs 
Ruth Rende;; Mysteries As Mrs Morris In 1995 
Backup As Madge In 1995 
Tears Before Bedtime As Sarah's Mother In 1995 
The Bill As Mary In 1994 Episode: The Sixth Age 
The Chief As Mrs. O'Callaghan In 1994 
Gallowglass As Landlady In 1993 
The Camomile Lawn As Landlady In 1992 
Perfect Scoundrels As Hilda In 1990 
Campion As Alice Willsmore In 1990 
Anything More Would Be Greedy As Mrs. Harmer In 1989 
Call Me Mister As Miss. Willett In 1986 
Screenplay As Paying Guests In 1986 
Juliet Bravo As Landlady In 1983 
Storyboard As Second Neighbour In 1983 
Death of an Expert Witness As Mrs Bidwell In 1983 
Armchair Thriller As Landlady In 1981 
Mrs Billet As Mrs Billet In 1981 
Nanny As Mrs Chatfield In 1981 
Grange Hill As Mrs Cooney From 1980-1981 
Play for Today As Education Welfare Officer In 1979 
Matilda's England As Mrs Youlden In 1979 
Telford's Change As Janet In 1979 
Armchair Thriller As In 1978 
Plain Murder As Mrs Harrison In 1978 
A Horseman Riding By As Martha Pitts In 1978 
Scorpion Tales As Alice Mavor In 1978 
Pennies from Heaven As Women Patient In 1978 
Play for Today As Caroline Jennings In 1977 
The Peppermint Pig As Mrs Bugg In 1977 
Centre Play As Ellen In 1976 
Red Letter Day In 1976 
Play for Today As Janet In 1975 
North and South As Mrs Boucher In 1975 
Poldark As Mrs Martin In 1975 
Churchill's People As Betsy Loveless In 1975 
Rooms As Miss Bolster In 1975 
BBC2 Playhouse As Mrs Jason In 1975 
Bootsie and Snudge As In 1974 
Z Cars As Brenda Giles In 1974 
The Carnforth Practice As Mother In 1974 
The Nine Tailors As Mrs Tebbutt In 1974 
Z Cars As Miss Meyer In 1973 
A Pin to See the Peepshow As Mrs Carr In 1973 
The Kids from 47A As Mrs Batty In 1973 
A Picture of Katherine Mansfield As In 1973 
Justice As Dresser In 1973 
The Befrienders As Wan Lady In 1972 
The Man with Two Heads As Tiffany (Credited as Mary Ann Turner) In 1972 
Cider with Rosie As Aunt Fanny In 1971 
Play for Today As Laura In 1970 
Z Cars As Housewife In 1970 
Rogues'Gallery As 2nd Lunatic In 1969 
Callan As Hospital Sister In 1969 
Theatre 625 As Mrs Hayter (Credited as Mariann Turner) In 1966 
Theatre 625 As Pearl Bryant In 1966 
Talking to a Stranger As Mrs Hayter (Credited as Mariann Turner) In 1966 
Z Cars As Hotel Maid In 1963

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