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Trust Me (2009)
Episode No.   Series
2360 2009x054
Original Airdate
17 September 2009 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Gregory Evans
Produced By
Matt Strevens
Directed By
Paul Wroblewski
Episode Chronology:

Trust Me is the 2363rd episode of The Bill.

DCs Banks and Perkins mount an obbo on the home of a known drug dealer, but DS Carter is frustrated when the team fail to recover the bulk of the drugs in a subsequent raid. PCs Armstrong and Valentine respond to a call from a concerned mother whose son has unwittingly taken some Diazepam.

Main cast

  • Christopher Fox as DS Max Carter
  • Sally Rogers as DC Jo Masters
  • Patrick Robinson as DC Jacob Banks
  • Ali Bastian as PC Sally Armstrong
  • Bruce Byron as DC Terry Perkins
  • John Bowler as PC Roger Valentine
  • Ben Richards as PC Nate Roberts
  • Micah Balfour as PC Benjamin Gayle
  • Andrew Lancel as DI Neil Manson
  • Alex Walkinshaw as Insp Dale Smith