Tony Stamp   Service Record   List of Appearances    
1984-2009 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill P.C. 595
2009 Metropolitan Police Hendon Driving Instructor
1993 - Firearms Incident: P.C. Stamp is shotEdit

(More info soon...) (TB)

1998 - Death By Dangerous Driving: Simon AtwellEdit

P.C. Stamp is involved in a serious accident in which he kills a pedestrian while reversing the area car down a one-way street in response to a call for urgent assistance. Tony was later charged with Death By Dangerous Driving for the death of Simon Atwell. The Jury found Tony Not Guilty for the charge of Death By Dangerous Driving but the Jury found him Guilty for the charge of Driving Without Due Care and Attention.

(TB: "Urgent Assistance", "Taking Sides", "Deadly Impact", "Big Day")
2000 - Temporary Attachment: The Flying SquadEdit

P.C. Stamp is on temporary attachment with The Flying Squad. (More info soon...) (TB: "The Squad")

2002 - Accusation: Sexual AbuseEdit

(More info soon...) (TB)

- Firearms IncidentEdit

Following a police chase P.C. Stamp was forced to back off when the criminal drawn a gun on the hostage.

2009 - Transferred: HendonEdit

P.C. Stamp transferred to the Hendon police training school as a driving instructor. (TB: "Rescue Me")

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