For many months, Sun Hill was terrorised by a serial sniper who targeted criminals. During this reign of terror, three victims were shot dead by the mysterious gunman - Lee Sandford, one of the teenage residents on the Cole Lane Estate who Kent had beaten up, Malcolm Willard who had sexually abused DC Terry Perkins and his brother Ben when they were children and Christopher Spinks, a local drug dealer.

There were suspicions that Kent was the sniper, but Kent appeared to be cleared when he was almost shot by the sniper himself when dealing with a suspect. It turned out that the sniper was Jason Hardy, an ex-Navy friend of Kent's and that Kent himself was a conspirer to the three murders the sniper had carried out. Kent held many grievances against criminals in the community and supplied the names of the three victims to Hardy and it was Hardy who pulled the trigger.

When the net began to close in on Hardy and officers arrived to arrest him, Kent was one step ahead of them and threw Hardy from his high-rise balcony to protect his secret. However, PC Steve Hunter witnessed this but Kent convinced him that he was trying to hold onto Hardy to prevent him falling, when in fact he had let go of his hand deliberately. But despite Kent being proved innocent, DI Rowanne Morrell of the Murder Investigation Team did not believe his version of the story and confirmed to Superintendent Adam Okaro that she believed what really happened; that Kent had pushed Hardy to his death on purpose because he was the officer from Sun Hill feeding Hardy information and killed him to cover his tracks, but she could not prove it.

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