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Tony Stamp   Service Record    
Tony Stamp

P.C. Tony Stamp

Full Name: Anthony John Stamp
Nickname(s): Tone
IC: Gender
1 Male   Male
Height: 6'2"
Date of Birth: (possibly) 1952
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Police Officer
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Police Constable
Call Sign: 595
Epaulette No.: SO 595
Status: Transferred: Hendon (Instructor)
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Hendon
Curr. Rank: Police Constable
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Graham Cole
 ● First Appearance: (uncredited) The Drugs Raid
Some You Win, Some You Lose
 ● Last Appearance: Rescue Me
List of Appearances

If it’s a choice between a call on an armed raid or on a domestic dispute, no one need think long or hard about which PC Tony Stamp would answer. He’d go for the action, the tough stuff, the chance of glory. No one would call Tony the Mr. Sensitive of Sun Hill: he often lacked tact, put his foot in it, and could lose his rag with people who weren't looking for trouble at all. He was a conscientious officer, though - sometimes over-conscientious. Consequently he could lack a certain tact and diplomacy when dealing with the public. Protecting and nursemaiding the community was not what he joined all those years ago to do. Tony wanted to nab ‘chummy’, make arrests and be patted on the back by his mates. He may well have been institutionalised, but Tony hadn’t become cynical or embittered; he genuinely enjoyed being part of London’s biggest gang, and the younger members of the team completely respected him for that. This original Bobby on the beat commanded tremendous respect despite his low rank.

Tony was born and brought up in Slough, but chose the Met. and London, rather than Thames Valley and his home town, for the excitement of police work in the big city. He wasn't a man who thought too much about his future and he wasn't looking for promotion. He enjoyed life as a beat copper, and if climbing up the ladder meant taking him away from the sharp end of things, he wouldn't be interested. It was a view that could express itself in criticisms of his superior officers who were losing touch with the "front line". It suited him fine staying a constable. He’d have to mind his p’s and q’s and play management games if he was promoted.

Tony was unmarried and had little luck with romance. He could also be a bear with a sore head around the station, for whilst outwardly friendly he was quite lonely and desperate to find a good woman. But Tony was well-liked by all members of the Relief - none of his mates underestimated him. Tony went on to survive a number of personal crises whilst at the station. He nearly lost his beloved career when he knocked down and killed a pedestrian when responding to a call for urgent assistance in the Area Car. But his darkest hour as a police officer was when he was falsely accused of abusing a young boy whilst acting as his FLO. The rumours and accusations nearly forced Tony to quit the service, but he was soon exonerated.

Sun Hill’s longest serving copper’s reputation, as an excellent advanced driver, preceded him: Hendon training facility head-hunted Tony for the position of advanced driving instructor. He accepted the opportunity and worked his final shift at Sun Hill in November 2009.

Service RecordEdit

Main article: Service Record
  • 1993 - Firearms Incident: P.C. Stamp is shot
  • 1998 - Driving Without Due Care: Death of Simon Atwell
  • 2000 - Temporary Attachment: The Flying Squad
  • 2002 - Accusation: Sexual Abuse
  • - Firearms Incident
  • 2009 - Transferred: Hendon


  • Father: Norman Stamp
  • Sister: Jacquie Stamp


Polly PageEdit

Tony had a brief fling with Polly Page.

Tony was good friends with Dave Quinnan..

Viv Martella (Fancied)

Major StorylinesEdit

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