Rochelle Barratt is a character in The Bill.

Rochelle was one of Sun Hill’s success stories – she’d turned her life around from ex-addict to inspirational drug referral worker. And it was all thanks to her husband Ian – Superintendent from nearby Spicer Street station and latterly Borough Commander of Sun Hill's division. Ian rescued her from a grim existence and helped her through her addictions to a bright future, as well as act as a father to her young son. Although eternally grateful to Ian, Rochelle nonetheless repayed him by having an affair with PC Dan Casper.

It was through her brushes with the law that she met Ian Barratt. He was a uniform sergeant at the time and had dealt with her on a number of occasions. He saw the potential within her and managed to convince her to follow through a rehabilitation programme. He was also crucial in her fight to keep her son who was on the verge being taken into care. Coming off her crack dependency was very hard but she was well supported by Ian, who really went above and beyond the call of duty to help her. Ian was pleased to see that the drug addicted teenager had blossomed into a confident, happy, young woman. They became an item soon after and she moved into his house.

A year later they were married. At twenty-four and with her son, Alex, settled in school, she decided to give something back and train as a drugs counsellor. It was thanks to Ian that Rochelle managed to get her life back on track and she will always be grateful to him for that. He also had been a wonderful father to her son and looked after him like he was his own. Rochelle appeared much older and wiser than her years but she was still young. She had no problem playing the Super’s wife but there was a part of her that was always the person she once was. She loved the thrill of her secret lover and his energetic youth, but inevitably it wasn't long before the affair was uncovered by her husband. She opted to leave Dan and Sun Hill behind in order to give things a go with Ian.

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