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PC Richard Turnham

Richard Turnham is a character from The Bill.

PC Richard Turnham was one of the first graduate officers to join Sun Hill, transferring from Bow Street in 1989. Immediately upon his arrival at the station, he was selected for a tricky undercover operation for CID in which he marked himself out as a highly skilled and committed officer. A graduate of Cambridge University where he read archaeology, anthropology and modern history, Turnham spent a year teaching before joining the Met. His father was a senior civil servant and his mother a GP. As well as being academically able, Turnham enjoyed the physical aspects of the job; he was a good hockey player and also enjoyed the occasional game of tennis which came from his university days.

His fellow officers found him a bit dull, and were uncomfortably (sometimes resentfully) aware that he was exactly the kind of police officer who was approved by the hierarchy these days. In many ways, Sun Hill was merely a lowly rung on Turnham's ladder to the top. They viewed him slightly differently when Quinnan revealed that he had an affair with a senior officer's wife whilst at their old nick. Such a scandal might have damaged most careers but with Turnham's connections even that could not prevent a successful application to join Special Branch.

Turnham was played by Chris Humphreys.

Preceded by:
Sun Hill PC
Succeeded by:
PC Ron Smollett

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