Kent then moved onto June by playing on her insecurities and then seducing her. The two began a relationship, which they kept to themselves. However, Gina had done some digging into Kent's background and discovered his birth certificate, showing that his birth name was Robert Ackland - the son June had given up for adoption. But DC Carver later found the birth certificate and showed it to June. Shocked and horrified that she had commited incest, June confronted Kent and he admitted that he was her son. However, he then repented and revealed to June that her real son was in fact his adoptive brother after she told him that her son's birth had been the result of a rape when she was only a teenager and that their relationship was all part of his revenge plan. Shocked and furious, June threatened to tell the whole relief the truth, but Kent convinced her to remain quiet by giving her the chance to meet her real son. PC Kent's secret was kept behind closed doors.

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