PollyPage (W.P.C.)
????-1992 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill P.C. 469 (B Relief)
1992-2003 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill P.C. 469 (A Relief)
2004-2004 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill Police Staff
1992 - Transferred: Sun Hill (A Relief)Edit

Polly Page joined the A relief as a W.P.C. near the end of her probation period, transferring from B relief in 1992. (TB: "Spit and Polish")

2003 - Assisting the euthanasia of Dr. Owen PrestonEdit

(More info soon.) (TB: "Episode 123")

2003 - Charged With Murder: Dr. Owen PrestonEdit

P.C. Polly Page is suspended from duty after she is charged with murder. (More info soon). (TB: "Episode 148")

2004 - Police StaffEdit

Ex-PC Polly Page returns to Sun Hill as a civilian CAD operator/officer. (More info soon). (TB: "Episode 194")

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