Sun Hill Van

Sun Hill Vans

Vehicle Type:

Police Van


Metropolitan Police

Call Sign(s):

Sierra Oscar 2 (Sun Hill)


Personnel and
Prisoner Transport

Currently In Use:


Ford Transit Mk6Edit

Police vans, including the Ford Transit or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, are widely used and some incorporate a cage for accommodation of Tosh Lines. Most police cars have no barrier between the front and back seats to protect the officers. Althought some will allow compliant prisoners to be transported in response cars (ensuring that one officer sits in the rear with the prisoner, and the prisoner sits behind the passenger seat.

The Ford Transit used in The Bill, can hold 2 officers in the front and; 2 officers in the back, with further space in the back for prisoner transportation.

Currently In use: EY02 KTL: BWP 



Mercedes Sprinter MWBEdit

Larger vans are also used by some forces as incident response that may act as a mobile control room at major incidents, and may also carry specialized equipment such as hydraulic door entry and cutting tools. One notable example is the Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group who utilize Mercedes Sprinters to transport multiple officers to public order or major incidents.

They are usually seen patroling late on a Friday or Saturday night, or if there needs to be a large number of officer in one place, EG Football match or a Public Order Situation. 

Currently In Use: P269 PVW: MO

P268 PYW

P268 PVW: MO

Renault MasterEdit

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