Following excutive producer Johnathan Young's disgraceful decision to axe long-serving character PC Tony Stamp from The Bill, a petition to axe Johnathan Young and save Graham Cole has been launched.

The Bill is a national institute which has been on British TV screens now for over 25 years - however, the show is now suffering in the TV ratings. This petition is to call on the excutive producer of The Bill, Mr Johnathan Young to stand down from his job or ITV1 bosses to sack him.

  • The show has seen a huge decline in ratings since Johnathan Young took over from his predicessor Paul Marquess, who had ratings on average of 9million - the show under Mr Young now struggles to hold under 5million.
  • Dedicated fans are seeing a huge change of format, which is undermining the hard work that the previous bosses work hard to build up i.e. strong characters, believable storylines.
  • And the fans are not being listened to - the axing of Jeff Stewart was totally unacceptable and now Mr Graham Cole - the legend of the show has been "just thrown out" because he "doesn't fit the new format" - fans do not want this and it's us fans that keep the show going.

That's why us fans of The Bill are being called on to support this petition and call on Johnathan Young to do the right thing and let someone else take over to make sure the show survives....

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