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Pete Ramsey
Biographical information
Full Name:

Peter Ramsey




Male   Male

Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Police Constable

Call Sign:


Other information

Portrayed by:

Nick Reding

First Appearance:

1988x003 -
Good Will Visit

Last Appearance:

1989x059 -
Don't Like Mondays

List of Appearances

PC Pete Ramsey, 24, was a tough, flash East End Boy. His uniform was pressed, spotless, and seemed to fit better than other people's; his car was a 1970s Porsche 911 in immaculate condition. Formerly a plain-clothes officer, he was moved to Sun Hill and put back into uniform after allegations that he cheated other police officers in a card game. Confident, but not without arrogance, Pete often had run-ins with senior officers for insubordination and discipline. In one way, Pete wasn't a good copper - he certainly broke the rules. He'd take a backhander from an unlicensed trader or do a deal over a minor offence; he didn’t expect to pay for a new shirt or a packet of cigarettes. In another way he was a very good copper - bright, self-reliant and at ease in the inner city. He may have been a bent cop, but he was not on the side of the villains. He was on the side of Pete Ramsey.

Ironically the man who lived life as a nasty bastard died a hero's death, shot whilst protecting 'Tosh' Lines during a bank robbery.

Ramsey's fate is ambiguous: In the episode following his shooting he is shown to be hanging on. In the novelisations he is said to have been invalided out of the force. However in The Bill at 21 weekend he is said to have died.

Service RecordEdit

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Major StorylinesEdit

Preceded by:
P.C. Jim Carver
Sun Hill P.C.
Succeeded by:
P.C. Dave Quinnan

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