Pete Muswell   Service Record   List of Appearances    

Pete Muswell has appeared in a total of 11 episodes of The Bill.

1985 1986

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1985 [Complete]

1985x004 Snouts and Red Herrings 7
1985x005 Suspects 8
1985x006 Lost 9
1985x007 Home Beat 5
1985x009 This Little Pig 6

1986 [Complete]

1986x001 Ringer 8
1986x002 Public and Confidential 10
1986x003 Loan Shark 5
1986x004 With Friends Like That...? 5
1986x005 Whose Side Are You On? 7
1986x006 The Chief Super's Party 8

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