Introduction Edit

Since the begginning of The Bill in 1983, the series has used five different types of Personal Radios.

StornoPhone CPQ800 Edit

The radio's were black and were provided by MPS to Thames TV

At first from 1983 until approxitmatley 1996 Uniform used the StornoPhone CPQ800

Phillips PFX Edit
Whilst Uniform used the StornoPhone CPQ800 from 1983-1996, CID used the Phillips PFX
Motorola MTS2000 Edit

This is the same type of radio standing up for users to look at the function buttons

From mid 1997 until late 2006 they used UHF Motorola MTS2000 trunked radios.This radio came in 3 models with 48 to 200 + Channels, 16 of the channels were analogue to facilitate communications with non-trunked departments and other Police Services. Now replaced by the TETRA AirWave system.


This picture includes four radios with three Public Safety Mics attached, these are also in the charger/docking station

Motorola MTH800 Edit
From E2E encryption capability to an integrated GPS location system, the MTH800 offers an unrivalled set of tools for personal safety and security. A high-resolution color display complements the MTH800's ability to send and receive clear, high contrast images, and a new user interface provides even greater flexibility to the end user.

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