A Panda Car is a four door hatchback patrol car used in The Bill. It was first introduced in the early 1990s, alongside the Ford Sierra Area Cars. They first were Rover Metros, and were replaced in 1996 by the Ford Fiesta Mk4 but had been downscaled to make room for the new IRVs, which were Mk3 Vauxhall Astras, and in 2000 they were doubled with the introduction of several Ford Focus IRVs, but a fleet of facelift Ford Fiestas was introduced, and the IRVs were downscaled, with less Astras and eventually there was one Astra and Focus by early 2003, Sierra Oscar 3 and Sierra Oscar 2-1 respectively. The Panda Cars were once more downscaled as the IRVs were once again brought in with a fleet brand new Vauxhall Astra Mk4, which were once CID cars. The Panda Cars were scaled down to two Sierra Oscar 8-4 the old Mk1 Ford Focus IRV and Sierra Oscar 8-5, the last Ford Fiesta, which was last seen in 2006, however the Focus stayed until the show's end in 2010.

Panda Cars Used at Sun HillEdit

1990-1996: Rover Metro 100

1996-2000: Ford Fiesta Mk4

2000-2004: Ford Fiesta Mk4 Facelift

2004-2010: Ford Focus Mk1


In Confessions of A Zookeeper a Ford Fiesta Panda had a case of alcohol thrown at it resulting in it losing control and crashing. The body of the car buckled and it was written off. The occupants, PCs Vicky Hagen and Jim Carver were unhurt.

In The Morning After, PC Vicky Hagen, driving a Vectra Area Car collided with PC Polly Page's Panda. Minor damages were done to tail lights and bumpers, but no one was injured.

In A Week of Nights, Part Two Sergeant Craig Gilmore's Ford Fiesta Panda was vandalized. Sergeant Gilmore was not in the car but it was dented, had smashed windows and the light bar was smashed off.

In Episode 005 another Ford Fiesta Panda (X262GBY) was blown up when it was attacked by a racist, Jeff Simpson. The occupant, Chief Inspector Derek Conway, was killed instantly.

In Episode 208 yet another Ford Fiesta Panda (W393TBY) had the front end blown off, whilst PC Kerry Young was chaperoning a bank manager, who had a bomb tied onto him, and when he attempted to remove it, he was blown up. Kerry suffered minor injuries. The car was written off.

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