Naomi Woods was a minor character in The Bill in 2008. She was a barrister and the wife of Sun Hill DC, Jacob Banks. She appeared as the solicitor for a corrupt property developer in Body of Evidence, then she was assaulted by the brother of a boy killed by a drunk driver she defended in court in Secret History Part 1 and 2. She appeared concerned her husband Banksy was having an affair with his DI, Samantha Nixon, however Nixon assured Naomi they were purely professional colleagues. Nixon then went up against Naomi in court in the trial of a serial rapist and murder suspect, stripper Tom Norris. Two witnesses met during the trial and Naomi furiously had the case overturned due to collusion between witnesses. Woods was last seen on screen helping Banksy find evidence against Norris' flatmate Dan Cox and the case was closed.

Naomi was last heard of in The Morning After. Banksy told Nixon she was working on a large fraud case. Banksy was also seen speaking on the phone to her in Cry Wolf.

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