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Jack Meadows   Service Record    

Jack Meadows
Jack meadows1

Supt. Jack Meadows

Birth Name: Jack
Full Name: Jack Meadows
Nickname(s): Gov
IC: GenderAge
1 Male   Male62
Date of Birth: June 24, 1951
Heaton, West Yorkshire
Marital Status: Divorced
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Sun Hill
Curr. Rank: Superintendent
Curr. Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 5-2
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Simon Rouse
 ● First Appearance: Action Book
 ● Last Appearance: Respect: Part 2
List of Appearances

Superintendent Jack Meadows was a character in The Bill. He was the longest serving character when the show ended, with 18 years at Sun Hill. He is played by Simon Rouse and was introduced as a regular character in 1992 in the episode Re-Hab (TB)

Service RecordEdit

Main article: Service Record
  • 1990 - 1992 - First appears on the day of Sunhill's re-opening following the station's car bombing and refurbishment, and makes several appearances as Detective Superintendent attached to AMIP
  • 1992 - Demotion: D.C.I. / Transferred: Sun Hill from AMIP
  • 2005 - Acting Superintendent (A/Supt.)
  • 2005 - Leave of Absence: Spend time with his son.
  • 2009 - Promotion: Superintendent.



  • Laura Meadows (divorced in 2003)


  • Rachel Heath (lovers: 2003-2004)
  • Debbie McAllister (flirtation)
  • Derek Conway (Good Friend) 


  • Benjamin Meadows (son, with Laura)
  • Lucy Meadows (daughter, with Laura)
  • unnamed child (unknown gender; with Laura; miscarriage) [mentioned in 2002]
  • Joshua Heath (son, with Rachel: born in 2004)

Major StorylinesEdit

Meadows first arrived in Sun Hill having been demoted from his previous position of Detective Superintendent at AMIP following a scandal. The reputation that preceded him was one of being a tough cop. During the early 1980's Meadows was part of a Squad called the Beagle Boys who were tough on villains and brought fear amongst other coppers. It was during this time that Jack had some run ins with a then D.C. now D.C.I. Keane of the DPS.

Meadows came under fire from the CIB in the wake of the Don Beech scandal at Sun Hill and though cleared of any direct involvement, he was deemed accountable for failing to notice Beech's corrupt activities. However, in the "clean sweep" of CID which followed in All Fall Down, Meadows escaped being transferred away from Sun Hill after calling in a favour from a friend at Scotland Yard, much to the ire of Borough Commander Guy Mannion, D.I. Deakin and D.S. Daly

In late 2002 D.C.I Meadows and D.C. Webb vow to end Tom Chandler's career.    In late 2002 during the investigation into Joanna Sharpe's disappearance Meadows finds his carer on the line once again.  

In early 2006, a dying criminal tried to expose Meadows as corrupt.

In late 2008 Meadows sent D.C. Perkins into an undercover operation, which leads to the kidnapping of a German woman, and a joint country operation.

In July 2009 he was promoted, but the role on screen was short lived, due to the series finale in August 2010. It is revealed during a SOKO Leipzig episode, with a guest role of now Ex-Superintendent Jack Meadows. It is said that he had retired.

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