Played Winston Summer in Woodentop

Actor Starring in:

All Quiet on the Preston Front As Lennie in 1994 
A Touch of Frost As Errol Baker in 1994 
Buddy's Song As Julius in 1991 
Hardware As Vernon in 1990 
The Manageress As Paul Kennedy From 1989-1990 
The Bill As Desmond In 1990 Episode: Growing Pains 
Skulduggery As Terry In 1989 
For Queen & Country As Sean In 1988 
Big George Is Dead As Andrew In 1987 
Screen Two As From The Reare Window In 1986 
Lenny Henry Tonite In 1986 
Grange Hill As Errol Smith/ Backfire Posse #2 In 1983-4 
Stars of the Roller State Disco As Burt In 1984 
Storyboard As Winston Summer In 1983

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