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Year: 2007 2008 2009

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

2007 Edit

2007x091 Assault On Sun Hill Part 1 First Regular Appearance

2008 Edit

2008x001 The Deadly Game
2008x007 Witness: Breaking Point
2008x008 Witness: Deadly Secret
2008x009 Witness: Protection
2008x010 Witness: Hit & Run
2008x015 Cover Up
2008x016 The Hit
2008x017 Spilt Blood
2008x018 Deadly Cocktail
2008x022 Beth Undercover 2
2008x023 Closing The Net Part 1
2008x024 Closing The Net Part 1
2008x025 Blood Rush Part 1
2008x027 Sins of the Father Part 1
2008x028 Sins of the Father Part 2
2008x038 Cowboy Country
2008x043 Gun Runner - Trigger Happy
2008x044 Gun Runner - Under Cover
2008x045 Gun Runner - Kick Off
2008x046 Gun Runner - Spray and Pay
2008x047 Gun Runner - Firefight
2008x056 Game Plan Part 1
2008x057 Game Plan Part 2
2008x062 Secret History - Part 1
2008x063 Secret History - Part 2
2008x066 Funny Money
2008x067 Appropriate Force
2008x083 Forgotten Child - Part 2

2009 Edit

2009x012 Righteous Kill - Part 1
2009x013 Righteous Kill - Part 2
2009x014 Bail Me Out
2009x018 Decision Time
2009x019 On The Money
2009x021 Got You Wrong
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