Matt Boyden   Service Record    
1992-2003 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill Sgt. 79

1975 - Joins the Police. Edit

1991 - Promoted to Sergeant.Edit

1991 - Arrives at Sun Hill as a SergeantEdit

1991 - Arrives at Sun Hill=Edit

(more info soon.) (TB: "Balls In The Air")

2000 - Impersonating a Police Officer: Sgt. BoydenEdit

(more info soon.) (TB: "Doppelganger")

2002 - Acting Inspector Edit

(more info soon.) (TB)

2003 - The Murder of Matt BoydenEdit
MIT-MovingTarget SgtBoyden
(more info soon.) (TB: "Episode 111", MIT: "Moving Targets")
2003 - Matt Boyden's FuneralEdit

(more info soon.) (TB: "Episode 112")

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