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In early 2005, Honey was excited when she learned that she had been given her first gig as a Family Liason Officer. She was appointed FLO to Scott Burnett, whose wife Karen had mysteriously disappeared. The Burnetts seemed like a devoted couple and Karen's vanishing act appeared to be totally out of character, until it emerged that she had been having an affair with Scott's best friend Greg Campbell. Greg was brought in for questioning when CCTV showed him following Karen as she was leaving his office on the night she disappeared. Greg explained that she wanted to end their affair that night because Scott had become suspicious, adding that Karen lived in fear of her husband. The search for Karen continued and she was eventually found - dead and dumped on wasteland. A wheelbrace was found covered in her blood; she had died from a blow to the head with the weapon. As both Karen's body and the murder weapon were found near Greg's workplace, he was duly charged with her murder. Scott was distraught and Honey comforted him with a kiss, abusing her position as FLO. She later apologised to Scott, but ended up sleeping with him, despite the fact that she was already seeing PC Steve Hunter at the time.

Honey eventually realised that she had fallen in love, so she dumped Steve and began a relationship with Scott. When Scott later came to the station to collect Karen's handbag, he stunned Honey when he proposed to her. Honey said she needed to think about her decision and PC Yvonne Hemmingway strongly advised her against it, especially after noticing that for someone who professed to love his wife so much, Scott did not seem too distressed when collecting Karen's bag. But that same day, Honey made up her mind and accepted Scott's proposal. Steve, of course, found it difficult to accept that Honey was getting married, but accepted it. However, he became concerned when Honey began asking questions about Karen's murder case on Scott's behalf. He was also worried for Honey's welfare because Greg Campbell had told him that Scott had really murdered Karen and had framed him for it. Steve later confronted Scott about asking Honey to put her job on the line for him and Scott threatened him if he didn't stay out of his business. Steve tried warning Honey off, but she accused him of simply being jealous. She didn't care what everyone else thought; she was going to marry Scott no matter what.

But however, on the day of Greg's trial, the bombshell was dropped; a taxi driver came forward and supplied Greg with a rock-solid alibi on the night of Karen's murder. In the climax, the CPS and the Prosecution Council decided there was no case, so the charges against Greg were dropped and he was released. When Greg warned Scott that he wouldn't get away for what he'd done to him and Karen, Scott battered him unconscious. Steve arrested him for assault, but Scott wasn't charged and Honey thought it was an understandable reaction to seeing his wife's killer cheat justice. But while in hospital, Greg revealed to Yvonne that Scott was often violent towards Karen because he had a very aggressive temper that he could never control and that he believed Scott had murdered her after finding out about their affair.

The Murder Investigation Team reopened the investigation into Karen's murder and Scott was asked to help with the enquiries. However, when he let it slip that he knew the murder weapon was a wheelbrace, he was arrested for murder. He confirmed that he found out about it from Honey, who couldn't remember telling him until Steve admitted that he had told her, jogging Honey's memory. She pleaded with Steve to tell DCI Morrell of MIT, but Steve was reluctant and once again tried to persuade Honey that Scott wasn't the right man for her. But Honey, being the blonde bimbo that she was, refused to believe that Scott had killed Karen and was willing to do anything to prove his innocence. Steve agreed and went to DCI Morrell with the truth. DCI Morrell was so furious with Honey's disgraceful behaviour that she stated that the Met would be better off without her. With Scott released, the wedding went ahead and it certainly was a day to remember with Greg gatecrashing the ceremony and punching Scott, bloodying his nose. Honey stated that as she was now married to Scott, she was very happy and knew she was going to be alright.

But she was very wrong...

Back from the honeymoon, Honey decided to hand in her resignation when Scott was offered a job in Dublin, but was upset when Yvonne didn't try to dissuade her. But that was the least of her worries and confided in Yvonne something that was worrying her - she had found a bill for a storage company in Scott's belongings and was principally worried because it had been taken out the day after Karen's murder. To settle her suspicions, she went with Yvonne to the lock-up and was relieved to find nothing but love letters. But there was also something else, which Yvonne was quick to hide from Honey; a glove covered in blood. Yvonne passed it on to MIT and TDC Gary Best confirmed that only one glove had been found at the scene of Karen's murder, so the killer must've kept the other one as a trophy. They were a matching pair, forensics confirmed that the blood on the glove was Karen's and that the killer had used the glove to clean the wheelbrace. Finally the truth was revealed; Scott had murdered Karen.

When Yvonne broke the news to Honey about the glove, Honey foolishly confronted Scott. He tried to bluff his way out of it before tearfully admitting that he had killed Karen in the heat of the moment after sussing out her affair with Greg. He explained that he had gone through Karen's phone and found a message from Greg, asking her to meet him the night she died. Scott had drove to Greg's work place to find out if they really were having an affair. He saw them together and when Karen ran off, he rushed after her and asked her to come home with him, but she laughed in his face and they had an arguement. Karen had fallen and cracked her head, but continued to hurl abuse at Scott so he saw red, picked up whatever was closet to him and hit her with it, killing her. After realising what he'd done, he ran straight back to his car and drove home. When Honey pointed out that the body and the wheelbrace were both found near Greg's work place, Scott explained it was because he had taken the quickest route back to the car and thrown the wheelbrace away while he ran.

Knowing now that he had been living a lie with her, Honey pleaded with Scott to turn himself in, but Scott said that life without her wasn't worth living and begged her to go on the run with him. Honey agreed and he drove her to an isolated seaside cottage in Kent, where he had arranged for his old friend Davey to take them to France. However, Honey became more doubtful when Davey warned her that Karen had confided in him that she was scared of Scott because of how he treated her. Scott began revealing a side to him that Honey had never seen before. When he tried apologising, Honey asked what he was really like with his first wife and he sussed out what Davey had said, so he admited that he slapped her once. But then, Scott let it slip that he knew about Karen and Greg's affair; the murder had been planned. Honey finally realised what had really happened; the night Karen died, Scott set out to seek revenge on her and Greg for their affair. He exacted vengence by killing Karen with the first weapon he could find and then framed Greg for the murder by moving the body to the wasteland outside his office and planting the wheelbrace nearby, but his plan backfired when Greg was released after he was provided with his alibi. Scott had removed the battery from his mobile phone but seeing a new, unflattering side of her husband and tired of all his lies, Honey secretly replaced it. Discovering this, he realised she had betrayed him and that the police would soon be there. He stormed out of the cottage, marched across the beach and out into the sea, disappearing beneath the waves. Honey rushed after him and managed to resuscitate him but, facing a life in jail without the woman he loved, he wished she hadn't bothered.

In the aftermath, Scott was arrested and charged with Karen's murder and Honey returned to her job at Sun Hill. Scott asked her to visit him in prison and told her that it was now over between them and she had to move on with her life. But the next day, Scott was found hanged in his cell and Honey was devastated to hear of his death, but eventually put all her mistakes behind her and moved on.

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