The Louise Larson scandal spread between 2005 and 2006, and saw Smithy go to jail for supposedly murdering his girlfriend at the time, Louise Larson, who was married to major villain, Peter Larson.

Smithy's Relationship with Louise LarsonEdit

Sergeant Dale Smith, known as Smithy to his mates, and PC Leela Kapoor arrive at a parking lot to deal with a victim of a car jacking. Immediately, Smithy notices the victim, Louise Larson, is not telling the truth. Smithy is told the next day after the car is recovered who she is by DC Zain Nadir, who had been after Larson for a while. After several months Larson discovered the affair and kidnapped Smithy. Smithy was rescued and Larson was jailed, but Louise refused to testify in a murder case, fearing her life, and ended the relationship, leaving behind a heartbroken Smithy.

A few weeks later, close to Christmas 2005, Louise told Smithy she was going to testify against Pete. Smithy moved into her house and she prepared to go into witness protection, before waiting six months to move to Australia with Smithy.

Everything was going so well, until Smithy was abducted once again and was forced to drink a bottle of vodka, while a thug used Smithy's car to run over Louise. As PCs Yvonne Hemmingway & Tony Stamp arrived at the scene, Louise was announced dead. Smithy was then put at the wheel of the car with the bottle, which he quickly crashed. The forensics also covered the car meaning there was 'evidence' for DCI Frank Keane (Emma Keane's father) of the DPS, and DI Neil Manson, temporarily seconded to MIT. Larson puts a witness in and he is paid to ID Smithy, and Smithy is sent to Longmarsh on remand.

DI Manson returns to Sun Hill, and along with Nadir and DCI Jack Meadows, they work to take down Larson's plot and get Smithy released.

Release and AftermathEdit

Zain nearly blows it when Caplin complains about harrasement. When a property developer with links to Larson is put under surveillence and Caplin is questioned, he confesses that he lied. Larson is arrested at Lousie's funeral by Meadows. Smithy was reluctant to start this relationship, due to his heartache at the loss of his lover Kerry about a year before, so when he started a relationship with TDC Kezia Walker, he ended it quickly as it didn't seem right. The same situation happened when he started a relationship with DC and later DS Stevie Moss, although they remained friends, as opposed to Kezia, whose relationship with Smithy remained proffesional.

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