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Year: 2006 2007

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)


2006x003 Episode 380
2006x004 Episode 381
2006x007 Episode 384
2006x008 Episode 385
2006x011 Episode 388
2006x012 Episode 389
2006x015 Episode 392
2006x016 Episode 393
2006x017 Episode 394
2006x018 Episode 395
2006x021 Episode 398
2006x022 Episode 399
2006x026 Episode 402
2006x026 Episode 403
2006x028 Episode 405
2006x030 Episode 407
2006x032 Episode 409
2006x033 Episode 410
2006x034 Episode 411
2006x036 Episode 413
2006x039 Episode 416
2006x041 Episode 418
2006x042 Episode 419
2006x043 Episode 420
2006x047 Episode 424
2006x049 Episode 426
2006x050 Episode 427
2006x051 Episode 428
2006x052 Episode 429 7
2006x053 Episode 430
2006x056 Episode 433
2006x059 Episode 436
2006x060 Episode 437
2006x061 Episode 438
2006x063 Episode 440
2006x065 Episode 442
2006x067 Episode 444
2006x068 Episode 445
2006x073 Episode 450
2006x078 Episode 455
2006x081 Episode 458


2007x003 Episode 473
2007x004 Episode 474
2007x007 Episode 477
2007x009 Episode 479
2007x010 Episode 484
2007x011 Episode 485
2007x014 Episode 482
2007x015 Episode 483
2007x018 Episode 488
2007x019 Episode 489
2007x023 Brotherhood
2007x025 End of the Affair
2007x026 Exit Wound
2007x027 Pride Before A Fall
2007x031 Day of Reckoning
2007x032 Blood Money
2007x033 To Honour and Obey
2007x036 Inner Demons
2007x038 Trigger Happy
2007x039 Do or Die
2007x040 On The Edge
2007x041 Better Off Dead
2007x046 Match Day Violence
2007x049 Behind Closed Doors
2007x050 Man Down
2007x051 Death or Glory

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