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Leon Taylor

Leon Taylor
Biographical information



Male   Male

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:


Marital Status:


Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Police Constable

Call Sign:


Current Status:

Active (as of Respect 2)

Other information

Portrayed by:

Dominic Power

First Appearance:

2008X041 - New Blood

Last Appearance:

2010x031 - Respect: Part 2

List of Appearances

PC Leon Taylor was a cast member of The Bill. He joined Sun Hill in 2008 when uniform was low on staff due to resignations of PC Diane Noble and Reg Hollis and the death of PC Emma Keane. He joined with probationary PCs Millie Brown and Arun Ghir, being the most senior of them all with six years already in the force. Paired with PC Nate Roberts on his first day he arrested a violent armed robbery suspect. He was a hard working officer but had a sensitive side, shown especially to women and children.

Service RecordEdit

Main article: Service Record
  • 2008 - Leon Taylor joins Sun Hill as a P.C.
  • 2009 - P.C. Leon Taylor is suspected of stealing police cash.
  • 2010- Starts relationship with PC Kirsty Knight
  • 2010- Falls into depression after finding two dead children

Family and RelationshipsEdit


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