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Annabelle Lanyon was born 4 October, 1960 in Greewich. She is an English actress who played in three sketches with Dick Emery (BBC TV) Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques) The Brothers, BBC TV, / Clayhanger ITV/ The Young Nancy Astor BBC TV/ Nanny 3 episodes BBC TV/ The Old Curiosity Shop BBC TV/ Death of an Expert Witness ITV Blue Heaven Prods/ Quatermass with Sir John Mills ITV/ The Speaker of Mandarin Wexford ITV/ The Bill Thames TV/ and Ridley Scotts LEGEND, where she played the unique sprite OONA with Tom Cruise/ 20th Century Fox/ Dream Demon (Palace Pictures) and a wide cv of Theatre , Radio. She was living in he United States where she was given a green card, and has now returned to London.

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