The police radios used in The Bill use the Klickfast Carrying System instead of a belt clip, which may grow loose.Currently the officers have only used this to clip their PR to their gortex jackets, hi-vis jackets, stab vests, shirts and navy jumpers.The officers have not clipped it to their belt, but instead the put it in a holster, which is more secure.

They have several types of docks and studs-

Klickfast Belt Dock

32mm, 38mm, 50mm and 60mm Docks

Mth800 stud

This clips onto the back of the radio so it can be clipped on without a case

Klickfast RSM BTP Tag

This is the Klickfast RSM BTP Tag

Screw down garment dock

Klickfast Screw-Down Retro-Fit Garment Dock

Screw Down Dash Dock

This dock gets screwed onto a desk or a dashboard

Belt connector belt loop dock

Klickfast Belt Loop Dcok

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