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W.D.C. Kerry Holmes
W.D.C. Kerry Holmes

Kerry Holmes
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Female   Female

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Constable

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Portrayed by:

Joy Brook

First Appearance:

1998x098 - The Cross

Last Appearance:

2000x070 - All Fall Down, Part Two

List of Appearances

Kerry Holmes is a character in The Bill.

Kerry Holmes, aged 27, was originally from Yorkshire, with 5 years in a more sedate London nick (2 of those in CID). She arrived at Sun Hill a fully-fledged DC, looking to investigate crime on her own, no longer under someone else's supervision. She was bright, intelligent, and highly motivated - making her an effective detective, particularly as she didn't take no for an answer. Many of the younger male CID officers thought that she was a bit of a swot, earning her the nickname of 'Sherlock', but she was too confident to ever really let the jibes get to her and wasn't slow in coming up with a quick riposte. Kerry also possessed a mischievous streak, asking questions of her senior officers that others wouldn't dare to and then playing the innocent. Rawton was someone who Kerry felt she could go to for information about Sun Hill and the two usually got on fine. But she could also annoy Rawton at times by choosing to ignore her advice on investigation matters and handling colleagues. Where Rawton never allowed her gender to be an issue, Kerry occasionally played the coquette, using her good looks and pleasant manner to charm men in and out of the department, and on occasion this led to friction between the two. She was however a breath of fresh air to the stuffy and very male Sun Hill CID department. After the suspension of Sun Hill's CID following Don Beech's corruption, Kerry decided to leave the station, infuriated by CIB's investigation into her conduct.

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