Jo Masters   Service Record   List of Appearances    
2002-2005 Greater Manchester Police D.C (C.I.D)
2005-2010 Metropolitan Police Sun Hill D.C. (C.I.D.)
2010- Metropolitan Police Sun Hill Sgt SO 46 (Uniform)

 ???? - Greater Manchester Police Edit
2005 - Transferred: Sun Hill Edit

First on duty in Sun Hill station back in 2005, she was fresh from Greater Manchester police.[1]

2010 - Promotion: Sergeant / Internal Transfer: Uniform Edit
JoMasters (Sgt.)

Now with twenty years’ service under her belt and a sergeant’s exam passed on the QT, she was well equipped to take on the promotion offered to her by an impressed Superintendent Jack Meadows.[1] (TB: "Duty Calls", "New Beginnings")

References Edit

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