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In a police station, the inspector is in charge of the sergeants and the constables. The inspector also takes a special interest in the training of new constables. and also is in charge of the officers.

At the moment, Sun Hill's uniformed Inspector is Dale Smith, who previously held the rank of Sergeant, and CID's Detective Inspector Neil Manson and D.I. Samantha "Sam" Nixon.

other inspectors have included

  • insp sam deeping ( woodentop)
  • insp christine frazer ( light duties)
  • insp andrew monroe ( I thought youd gone)
  • insp gina gold ( episode 021)
  • insp rachel weston ( hide and seek)
  • insp dale smith ( live by the sword)

detective inspectors have included

  • d.i roy galloway ( woodentop)
  • d.i chris deakin ( unfinished business)
  • d.i frank burnside ( funny ol' business- cops and robbers )
  • di harry haines ( bad reaction)
  • di sally johnson ( second sight )
  • d.i alex cullen ( on the hook part 1)
  • d.i samantha nixon ( episode 038)
  • d.i neil manson ( episode 178)

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