Dr. Hugh Wallis was a profiler in The Bill. He appeared in mid to late 2004 and early 2005. He was portrayed by Robert Gwilym.

First appearance: Episode 222

Final appearance: Episode 280

Before Events in The BillEdit

At some unknown time he was in college with DS Samantha Nixon when they were training to be profiling, although Nixon became a police officer. He also worked on a major rape case at Barton Street.

Alan Kennedy Rape CaseEdit

In his first appearance he joined CID looking for a serial rapist. After several attacks the suspect is ID'd and while Nixon and DI Neil Manson interview the suspect, Alan Kennedy, Wallis hunts for evidence with PCs Yvonne Hemmingway, Honey Harman & Andrea Dunbar and they find his school to look for evidence, and there they find a knife, but at the time Kennedy ends up confessing.

Abigail Nixon Abduction

Wallis begins obsession with Nixon but she does not embark on a relationship so Wallis secretly abducts her daughter, Abigail. Leaving clues that he knew would upset her like her clothes or a girl similar being found near the clothes. The items were found on the river, near where the bodies of the Sun Hill Serial Killer's victims were found, particularly the body of PC Cass Rickman. Nixon requested Wallis' help unbeknown to her that he was the suspect. An e-mail was sent showing Abigail in a shipping container and had a timer and as they worked on the clues at Wallis', he starting goading and she worked it out and rushed to where the container was as she cracked a code, which happened to be co-ordinates. Wallis shows up but denies everything he gloated about such as You need to know how it feels to hurt. Nixon found rope in his car but when the search team was present he had removed it. To make it worse, Abigail became involved with Wallis and ended up pregnant. Nixon went too far and abducted Abigail, although Wallis had drugged her so DS Phil Hunter distracted him by going to a bar to confront him. When the team caught up with Sam, Wallis was there but Abigail pointed that he abducted her, and arrested. Wallis went to jail just weeks before Kennedy's trial, meaning he could not be a witness. In mid season 21 Nixon reveals that the night before Abigail gave birth to a girl, Rose.

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