History of The BillEdit

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The show started life as a one-off drama originally called Woodentop devised by Geoff McQueen. The pilot aired on Tuesday 16th August 1983 at 9.00pm. ITV bosses liked everything about the program, apart from the name. The channel commissioned a full length series under the new name of The Bill.

The new police drama proved very popular with viewers and so in 1988 the format of the show was changed to two 25-minute each week, to run all year round. Six years later, in January 1993, the show's schedule was increased to three half-hour episodes each week.

In 1998 each episode of The Bill increased to one hour in length. The show ended on August 31st 2010. The show is currently broadcast at 9-11am on weekdays excluding holidays on Watch. Two episodes are broadcasted every morning the second episode is then shown as the first episode the next day.

History of Sun Hill Police Station Edit

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History of Sun Hill Edit

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