Francis Edwards   Service Record   List of Appearances    
Year: 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1983 [Complete]

1983x000 Storyboard: Woodentop 7 Credited as P.C. Morgan

1984 [Complete]

1984x001 Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers 4 First Regular Appearance
1984x002 A Friend In Need 4
1984x003 Clutching At Straws 6
1984x004 Long Odds 3
1984x005 It's Not Such A Bad Job After All 7
1984x006 The Drugs Raid 8
1984x007 A Dangerous Breed 6
1984x008 Rough In The Afternoon 4

1985 [Complete]

1985x001 Burning The Books 7
1985x002 Death of A Cracksman 3
1985x003 The Sweet Smell of Failure 5
1985x004 Snouts and Red Herrings 10
1985x005 Suspects 7
1985x006 Lost 7
1985x007 Home Beat 8
1985x008 Hostage 7
1985x009 This Little Pig 4

1986 [Complete]

1986x001 Ringer 7
1986x002 Public and Confidential 8
1986x003 Loan Shark 4
1986x004 With Friends Like That...? 6
1986x005 Whose Side Are You On? 8
1986x006 The Chief Super's Party 7

1987 [Complete]

1987x001 The New Order of Things 7
1987x002 Some You Win, Some You Lose 11
1987x003 Brownie Points 7
1987x004 Missing, Presumed Dead 11
1987x005 Domestics 10
1987x006 What Are Little Boys Made Of? 8
1987x007 Blind Alleys, Clogged Roads 7
1987x008 Double Trouble 7
1987x009 Sun Hill Karma 8
1987x010 Skipper 8
1987x011 Overnight Stay 8
1987x012 Not Without Cause 11

1988 [Complete]

1988x001 Light Duties 9
1988x002 The Three Wise Monkeys 15
1988x003 Good Will Visit 11
1988x004 Home Sweet Home 14
1988x006 Just Call Me Guvnor 10
1988x007 Caught Red Handed 11
1988x008 Homes and Gardens 6
1988x009 Country Cousin 6
1988x010 Alarms and Embarrassments 3
1988x012 Hold Fire 8
1988x013 Bad Faith 7
1988x015 Trespasses 9
1988x016 Save The Last Dance For Me 11
1988x019 Community Relations 6
1988x020 A Dog's Life 4
1988x022 Running Late 8
1988x024 Blue For A Boy 5
1988x026 The Coop 1
1988x028 Witness 1
1988x029 Here We Go Loopy Lou 2
1988x030 Stop and Search 7
1988x032 Evacuation 6
1988x035 Intruder 2
1988x038 Snout 3
1988x039 Old Habits 8
1988x040 The Silent Gun 10
1988x041 An Old-Fashioned Term 5
1988x043 Tigers 15
1988x046 Outmoded 11
1988x047 Digging Up The Past 9

1989 [Incomplete]

1989x004 The Mugging and The Gypsies 4
1989x036 Communications 5
1989x046 Back On The Streets 7
1989x047 FAT'AC 5
1989x048 Somewhere By Chance 2
1989x059 Don't Like Mondays 6

1990 [Complete]

1990x004 I Thought You'd Gone 2 Last Regular Appearance
1990x042 Rites 25 Guest Appearance

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