Lynn Farleigh was born 3 May, 1942 in Bath, Somerset. She is an English actress who played Christine Henshaw in Castles, Helen Wycliffe in Wycliffe between 1996 and 1998, Professor Cairns in Sherlock and Sheila Collins in The Bill. She is best known for playing roles in films and TV series such as Watership Down, Wallander, The Hard Word, Fighting Back, Bergerac, Midsomer Murders, Heartbeat, Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Attachments, Boon, Pride and Prejudice, Finney, EastEnders, VeraMiss PotterFairyTale: A True Story, Trial by Fire, Peep Show, Peak Practice, Bad Girls, Doctors, Casualty, Endeavour, Silent Witness, Steptoe and Son, Justice and Three Into Two Won't Go.

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