Episode 368 is the 2029th episode of The Bill 

The team continue to investigate the death of PC Powell and the gay serial killer on their patch. They link all the murders to the nightclub Radar and either barman Michael Keanan or original suspect Josh Hill. DNA from under Powell's nails rules both out. DS Hunter finds a previous case of PC Valentine that fits the MO of the Serial Killer and obtains figuresprints from CD's touched. The DNA and the figure prints point to John Lord, who was in Radar earlier in the day and interupted DI Manson original chat with Keanan.  An attempt to arrest Lord failed, as he leaped from a balcony and escaped the chasing DC Webb. This failed attempt angered DCI Morrell. The episode finished on a picture found of Lord and Keanan in a friendly embrase.     

Season 21 (2005).

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