Home Run: Two Hours
Episode No.   Series
1788 2003x056
Original Airdate
17 July 2003 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Episode 131 is the 1872nd episode of The Bill.

Its alternate title is Home Run: Two Hours.

It is the final part of a six part series.

A desperate Ken arranges to meet Vince Foster in an attempt to save his son. With time running out, Drummond tries to kill two birds with one stone by rescuing his son, and giving information to his rivals regarding his operation. Meanwhile, Smithy goes under cover as a prisoner to find out exactly where the stolen cars are being hidden. When Des and Sheelagh begin the search for a missing prostitute, they uncover an underage prostitution ring run by a known pimp who is wanted by the Vice Squad. An intrigues Reg tries to find out the identity of the new woman in Taviner's life. Sheelagh feels she's been taken for a fool when Reg tells her that Des has told him about his relationship.

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