Desperate Search
Episode No.   Series
1787 2003x055
Original Airdate
10 July 2003 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Episode 130 is the 1781st episode of The Bill.

Its alternate title is Home Run- Desperate Search.

Ken escapes from hospital to find his son Alex, and doesn't waste any time knocking down doors - but the Fosters continue to stay one step ahead of the game. He decides to for brawn over brains and goes all-out to find out where the Fosters are holding him, by delivering Sid Wright to his angry brother in law Vince. Meanwhile, Des and Sheelagh attend to a disturbance at a local brothel, but their own personal feelings for each other begin to get in the way of their work, so he is paired with Reg, but Reg's relationship with the victim, and Des' interference blows an important part of the operation. Phil and Juliet discover the location of the car gang's hideout, and the ambush suspects are arrested. Polly and Cathy attend Dr. Owen Preston's funeral, but receives a less than warm reception from grieving members of his family, which in turn leads her to have a fight with her conscience over whether to confess.

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