Episode 128
Under Their Noses
Episode No.   Series
1786 2003x054
Original Airdate
9 July 2003 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Episode 128 is the 1789th episode of The Bill.

Ken's cover as a security guard has been blown. Archie Foster blackmails Drummond into helping them raid the Metropolitan Police warehouse, in order to steal millions of pounds worth of luxury sports cars - and as an incentive, he threatens the DC's family. Drummond's absence at the station goes unnoticed at first, and uniform are kept busy by a series of bomb hoaxes organised by Foster. With the raid underway, Foster's plans begin to unravel, and Drummond has to put off a curious Debbie and Juliet who turn up looking for him. As Foster and his gang make their escape, internal rivalries and a counter-raid by a rival gang sees an accomplice and Archie shot dead, and a bullet hits Ken.

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