Episode 212 is the 1872nd episode of The Bill.

DS Sam Nixon and DS Debbie McAllister investigate when the stolen digger turns up at a transport site. DI Neil Manson's suspicions are proven correct, but nobody else knows that Manson's tip-offs are coming from Don Beech. The arrival of DI Peter Cavanaugh, an Australian cop on attachment to the NCIS, sets hearts a-flutter, but DCI Jack Meadows is furious when DI Manson's liaisons with Beech are revealed. New PC Lance Powell arrests a black teenager on suspicion of shoplifting, but cops a warning from Supt Adam Okaro to tread more carefully with the black community in future. An angry Powell is fair game for DC Rob Thatcher and undercover journalist PC Andrea Dunbar, who are both seeking to prove that Okaro has it in for his black officers. PC Gary Best is stunned when Powell tells him he's gay.

This episode was rescheduled from 29 April 2004.

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