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1674 2002x028
Original Airdate
6th June 2002 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Episode 017 is the 1674th episode of The Bill.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee get caught red-handed (literally) after a bungled robbery and the confessions come thick and fast…but for what?

Two men are brought in after their armed robbery gets out of hand and a security guard is shot. They seem to have a lot in common including a wife but for a couple of guys doing a robbery together there's no love lost between them and DS Debbie McAllister and DC Eva Sharpe are assigned to sort their stories out.

Detective Superintendent Devlin from the MIT team is astounded at PC Taviner's 'good luck' in discovering both the bike that was used in Chief Inspector Conway's killing, and managing to tie Ian Burrows, Simpson's toe rag of a acquaintance, to it. It's Des's lucky day, but will that evidence alone be enough to bring Simpson down properly?

Meanwhile Debbie and Eva's rivalry in the case of the two lads reaches betting point. It's handbags at dawn with mounting resentment over Eva's popularity with the rest of the Sun Hill officers. While Debbie is positive she's got Superintendent Chandler on her side Eva's naturally astute and has a plan to prove she's right. With £20 and a whole lot of pride riding on this, Debbie needs to come up trumps!

DCI Jack Meadows isn't exactly flavour of the month when Superintendent Chandler blocks his visit to the Borough Commander on a fact-finding mission. With a face like thunder he's also informed his boys haven't exactly been following procedure in the Simpson case. He hauls them in.

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