Kent first appeared as a stranger who frightened away a mugger from off-duty Sergeant June Ackland before he joined Sun Hill. When he arrived at Sun Hill, he brought a mature aged attitude to the force; he was keen to do good and enforce the law. In the beginning he worked mostly by the book, but soon the power went straight to his head. His first victim was PC Ruby Buxton who resigned from the force when Kent bullied her into lying on the stand at a court appearance. Inspector Gina Gold was immediately aware of his actions and kept a watchful eye over him after the incident. So greatly annoyed at his superior was Kent that he turned to blackmail when he discovered that she had been caught over the legal alcohol limit and used this to force her hand. After enacting actions of a mental proportion he turned to the physical side of things when involved in the marriage of DC Jim Carver to Marie Graham. Called out to a disturbance at their home, Kent took control of the situation by hitting Jim over the head with a vodka bottle. Both Jim and Marie subsequently ended up in hospital with confusion reigning on what had actually occured. However, Marie reported seeing Kent hit Jim with the bottle. But the clever Kent was able to clear his name of her allegation, although Gina was not at all convinced by his side of the story.

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