Delia French is a character in The Bill.

Once in charge of the station typing pool, Jamaican-born Delia French left to take a clerical job in the city before returning to Sun Hill in 1990 as a probationary WPC. Delia was a feisty addition to the ranks of Sun Hill - she had no qualms in berating members of CID for the poor quality of interview transcripts, and also was a bit of a gossip - taking great interest in the business affairs of every officer in the station. She could be tough when she wanted to, and was by no means a push-over. Delia also had a razor sharp wit and was not afraid to use it. But her infectious enthusiasm soon broke down barriers and made her friends in the station.

Delia went undercover for Burnside on one occasion when a woman who collapsed at an airport was found carrying drugs in her stomach. She took the woman's place and successfully led CID to the dealer. She left Sun Hill shortly after the operation.

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