Dave Litten   Service Record   List of Appearances    
Year: 1983 1984 1985 1986

Dave Litten has appeared in 13 episodes of The Bill between 1983 and 1986.

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1983 [Complete]

1983x000 Storyboard: Woodentop 2

1984 [Complete]

1984x001 Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers 6
1984x002 A Friend In Need 8
1984x003 Clutching At Straws 5
1984x004 Long Odds 6
1984x005 It's Not Such A Bad Job After All 8
1984x006 The Drugs Raid 7
1984x007 A Dangerous Breed 3
1984x008 Rough In The Afternoon 5

1985 [Complete]

1985x001 Burning The Books 6
1985x002 Death of A Cracksman 5
1985x003 The Sweet Smell of Failure 9 Last Regular Appearance

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