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Dale 'Smithy' Smith
DaleSmith (Insp.)

Inspector Smith

Nickname(s): Smithy
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Height: 6ft (1.83m)
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Sun Hill
Curr. Rank: Inspector
Curr. Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 1
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Alex Walkinshaw
 ● First Appearance: Taxed
 ● Last Appearance: Respect: Part 2
List of Appearances

Dale 'Smithy' Smith first arrived at Sun Hill as an ambitious P.C., following military service with the Queen's Royal Fusiliers. He had no time for political correctness and sometimes appeared to be racist and homophobic. This led him to clash with many colleagues and senior officers.

Smithy did strike up a friendship with Sgt. Bob Cryer, who persuaded him to pursue his ambition to become an armed police officer, although Supt. Tom Chandler only supported his application in order to get rid of him from Sun Hill. Smithy joined SO19, and began his training. Cryer's career ended when Smithy accidentally shot him during a hostage scenario not long after completing his training. Cryer did not bear any malice, but Chandler took the opportunity to have Cryer retired.

Two years later, Smithy returned to Sun Hill as the new Sergeant following the death of Sgt. Matthew Boyden. Shortly after his return, Smithy fell madly in love with P.C. Kerry Young, who had recently split from her gay husband P.C. Luke Ashton. He also formed a close friendship and working relationship with Insp. Gina Gold. However, Smithy was accused by Luke of being homophobic towards him and was also accused of racism by Adam Okaro. Smithy also joined PC Gabriel Kent's "SWAMP" (Straight White Male Police Association). But he then showed a more sensitive side when he was the one to find D.C. Mickey Webb after he had been raped. Mickey later opted for a transfer, leaving Smithy feeling guilty for the way he had handled the situation.

After five years as a Sergeant, Smithy received a second promotion from newly promoted Supt. Jack Meadows when he was promoted to Inspector, following the departure of Insp. Rachel Weston.

Service RecordEdit

  • 1999 - Joins Sun Hill 
  • 2000 - Undercover: Contract Killer
  • 2001 - Qualified Firearms Officer 
  • 2001 - Transfers to CO19
  • 2001 - Firearms Incident: The Shooting of Bob Cryer
  • 2003 - Transferred: Sun Hill / Promotion: Sergeant
  • 2005 - Injured in the Sun Hill Fire
  • 2005 - Accused of Murdering Louise Larson
  • 2007 - Acting Inspector (A/Insp.)
  • 2007 - Carly Samuels murder. Dale gives evidence in Court.
  • 2008 - Undercover: Gun Runner
  • 2009 - Incident: Sgt. Smith gets stabbed
  • 2009 - Conviction / Promotion: Inspector
  • 2010 - Liam Martin murder.

Dale Smith has been with a Specialist Unit, SO19, as it was known when he served in it, now known as CO19.

Family and RelationshipsEdit


  • Mother: Pauline Smith
  • Father: Unknown


  • P.C. Kerry Young - The love of his life
  • Louise Larson - His biggest and deadliest mistake, who married a criminal, and was killed, Smith sent to Longmarsh on remand
  • D.C. Kezia Walker - A brief and meaningless fling that was meant to be a bit of fun
  • D.C. Stevie Moss - While Smithy was undercover she was his "girlfriend" and they had a couple of snogs but they ended it there. They kept what happened and left it as it was part of their undercover operation.

Major StorylinesEdit

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