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While investigating a series of crimes in the Sun Hill area, which ranged from assaults to trafficking illegal immigrants, Smithy and Sgt. Callum Stone came across Jason Devlin and his father, Matthew. Smithy and Callum took an immediate dislike to the Devlins when investigating an assault, however, they could gather no sufficient evidence to make it stick, leaving both Sergeants extremely frustrated. The Devlin family appeared again, when CID were investigating an illegal immigrant trafficking scheme, which DCI Meadows and DI Manson suspected the Devlins were heading up. When Jason Devlin 'discovered' these illegal immigrants in his flats, he kicked them out, thus causing a riot. During this riot, DC Stevie Moss escorted Jason back to his car, and when she questioned him on a bag, which was later revealed to have oriental jewellery in it, he beat her up. Smithy, witnessing this, saw red, and he, in turn, gave Devlin a kicking. Callum arrived moments later, to see Stevie and Devlin unconscious and Smithy staring at Devlin, despairing at what he had done. Callum persuaded him to keep it quiet, because Devlin deserved what he got, and Smithy was too good a copper to lose. However, Devlin made a complaint of assault against Smithy and now, Jack and Neil were left with no choice but to investigate one of their own men. Although they found a witness who corroborated Devlin's story, the work of Jack and Neil, and eventually, Callum and PC Tony Stamp found evidence to arrest Matthew Devlin. After the key witness for Sun Hill, despite intimidation from the Devlins, arrived at court to give evidence, Devlin changed his plea to 'Guilty'

During the investigation, Supt. John Heaton announced that he was leaving and asked Inspector Rachel Weston, DS Stuart Turner and DC Kezia Walker to join him. Smithy was asked by newly appointed Superintendent Jack Meadows to be his new Inspector.

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