After a brawl outside a pub, Smithy finds a man unconscious. Immediately, the prime suspect was the owner, Jason Devlin. It appeared that the victim hit on Devlin's girlfriend. However, nothing stuck, so CID asked the pub's owner, who may have witnessed the incident. However, Stone later came to Smithy to tell him that the pub was on fire. What really added a spanner in the works, not only did the informant run the pub, but he also resided in the flat above, where the fire started, and he reluctantly continued to talk to CID, however his girlfriend was attacked, and he retracted his statement. However, CID discovered he was involved in caring for illegal immigrants. This escalated when Benjamin Gayle and Smithy found a lorry full of illegal immigrants. When Jason Devlin and his father Matthew discover that the police know, Jason and some thugs charged into a housing estate where he owned multiple properties, and started evicting illegals. However, this move sparked a riot. As DC Stevie Moss went to take Jason away in an IRV, a gang of youths crowded around the car and tried to force them out by smashing windows and rocking the car. Stevie took Jason to his car and took interest in a hold-all that was stopping his boot lid from closing. As she tried to look, Devlin grabbed and threw her against the side of the car and he started kicking her. In anger as he sighted this Smithy grabs Devlin and starts beating him up. CID knew Devlin attacked Stevie but he denied the attack, but not only did he claim Smithy beat him up, but he claimed that the bag in the boot was planted by him. However, Smithy was away at a riot exercise, whilst there he and Stone fronted out their differences in a punch up. Smithy lied in court about the assault, but when the key witness took the stand (even after 'persuasion' from Matthew Devlin, who was jailed for kidnapping and witness intimidation), Jason changed his plea to guilty. During the investigation, Superintendent John Heaton revealed to DCI Jack Meadows he was transferring out of Sun Hill to start a unit combating people smuggling. Meadows took Heaton's job, and Inspector Rachel Weston joined him, with Smithy taking her job, and DS Stuart Turner left, with Stevie taking his job, and DC Kezia Walker left, with TDC Will Fletcher took her postion. This was a major investigation and involved all of the cast in The Bill at some point over the six episodes.

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