Year: 1988 1989 1990

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1988 [Complete]

1988x001 Light Duties 14 First Regular Appearance
1988x002 The Three Wise Monkeys 9
1988x004 Home Sweet Home 2
1988x005 All In Good Faith 6
1988x006 Just Call Me Guvnor 4
1988x007 Caught Red Handed 2
1988x008 Homes and Gardens 3
1988x010 Alarms and Embarrassments 2
1988x012 Hold Fire 2
1988x015 Trespasses 4
1988x018 The Trap 7
1988x019 Community Relations 4
1988x022 Running Late 7
1988x024 Blue For A Boy 3
1988x030 Stop and Search 5
1988x031 Spook Stuff 4
1988x032 Evacuation 3
1988x034 Paper Chase 3
1988x035 Intruder 3
1988x039 Old Habits 5
1988x041 An Old-Fashioned Term 8
1988x042 Getting Stressed 2
1988x043 Tigers 9
1988x047 Digging Up The Past 7

1989 [Complete]

1989x002 A Reflection of Glory 7
1989x020 Sunday, Sunday 5
1989x023 Suspicious Minds 9
1989x026 Procedure 6
1989x029 Fool's Gold 9
1989x035 Only A Bit of Thieving 5
1989x036 Communications 10
1989x039 Mickey Would Have Wanted It 9
1989x041 You'll Be Back 2
1989x042 Fort Apache - Sun Hill 6
1989x043 Waste 4
1989x044 The Strong Survive 10
1989x046 Back On The Streets 11
1989x059 Don't Like Mondays 13
1989x060 Pickup 6
1989x061 Kidding 5
1989x065 Leaving 13
1989x067 Pressure 5
1989x073 It's Not Majorca 3
1989x079 I Counted Them All Out 11
1989x081 A Matter of Trust 10
1989x082 Tourist Trap 1
1989x085 All Part of The Job 4
1989x087 Just A Little Runaround 1
1989x088 A Fair Appraisal 7
1989x090 Private Wars 5
1989x092 By The Book 3
1989x093 Beer and Bicycles 3
1989x097 Early Bird 7
1989x100 Speaking Freely 1
1989x102 Chinese Whispers 3
1989x103 Powers of Exclusion 2

1990 [Complete]

1990x002 Officers and Gentlemen 3
1990x004 I Thought You'd Gone 3 Last Regular Appearance

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