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This article contains minor spoilers. Discretion is advised.
Cameron Tait

PC Cameron Tait

Birth Name: Cameron
Full Name: Cameron Joseph Tait
Nickname(s): Cam
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Curr. Posting: Unknown
Curr. Rank: Unknown
Curr. Title: Unknown
Curr. Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 355 (as of 2004)
Epaulette No.Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Daniel MacPherson
 ● First Appearance: Episode 085
 ● Last Appearance: Episode 230
List of Appearances

PC Cameron Tait was a very popular member of the relief. Transferring from Sydney he joined Sun Hill in 2003 after a few years in the force. In early 2003 he went undercover with shoplifters. In early 2004 whilst babysitting for Sheelagh Murphy her daughter Naimh, that Des Taviner was the father of, the child stopped breathing and upon arrival Niamh died. Cameron went on a bender and got assaulted. This started a relationship with PC Kerry Young but this was frayed when PC Gabriel Kent convinced her that a one night stand with Sergeant Dale Smith was date rape. This came to a head during an armed robbery when Kerry was chaperoning the manager, who had a bomb tied to his waist. Kerry got distracted arguing with Cameron, during which the bomb exploded. After Kerry withdrew the allegation against Smithy, Cameron temporarily ends the relationship, but Kerry convinces him to reacquainte their relationship. However, it was frayed once again when Gabriel raped Kerry (for real this time) and Cameron was unconvinced as Kerry wouldn't press forward the allegation, due to the fact that Gabriel had CCTV of the bomb incident, but when Kerry was going to go ahead, Gabriel wound Cameron up and told him that he raped Kerry in a way that it wasn't obvious, to which Cameron retaliated by beating up Gabriel in the station canteen, and they had to be separated by an angry Gina Gold. Gold told Cameron, that if he told her what the fight was about, but Cameron said it would cost him his job, so he left London to return to Sydney.

Service RecordEdit

Family and RelationshipsEdit



  • Kim Bradley (mother of his daughter)
  • Kerry Young - ex girlfriend and fiancee

  • Luke Ashton - they were close friends when Luke outed himself privately during patrol

Major StorylinesEdit

  • 2003 - PC. Tait went undercover to infiltrate a shoplifting ring
  • 2004 - Cameron moved back to Australia in light of his relationship with PC. Kerry Young ending.

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