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Callum Stone

Sgt. Callum Stone

Birth Name: Callum
Full Name: Callum Stone
Nickname(s): Stone
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Sun Hill
Curr. Rank: Sergeant
Curr. Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 30
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Sam Callis
 ● First Appearance: 2007x057 Good Cop, Bad Cop
 ● Last Appearance: (Respect: Part 2)
List of Appearances

Sergeant Callum Stone is well know as a hard nut officer being commonly classed as unfair and tough or even a rule breaker. Callum is the type of officer who likes to get a result what ever it might take to get it. He is charming and good looking and tends to go about things the wrong way but gets results doing so. Callum has a violent streak when pushed too far and won't stop until justice is served. He won't give up no matter what. He has a tough exterior, but underneath that we can all know he has a soft heart.

Callum liked P.C. Emma Keane and blames himself for her death.

The Three Officers which Stone supervises are believed to be Benjamin Gayle, Kirsty Knight and Roger Valentine

Service RecordEdit

2007 - Transfers to Sun HillEdit

Sgt. Callum Stone swooped into Sun Hill with a style that simply isn't cricket. Disarming a thug from his cricket bat as he entered the station on his first day. (TB: "Good Cop, Bad Cop")


  1. In 2008 Stone is suspected of perverting the course of justice by destroying evidence in regards to a motor vehicle accident, involving P.C. Sally Armstrong and another driver outside the Foundry nightclub on Upper Marsh Street, in London.
  2. In 2008 Stone is again suspected of perverting the course of justice by allowing an assault on a suspected rapist to take place, while outside the victims home. It is alleged that Stone waited at least 8 minutes before responding, after the attack on the victim had begun.
  3. In 2009 Stone is suspected once more of perverting the course of justice by destroying evidence in regards to the suspected assault on people smuggler Jason Devlin by then Sergeant Dale Smith.
  4. In 2010 Stone is suspected of committing aggregated assault on a suspect, whom he believes is responsible for assaulting a young woman and himself the night before.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Emma KeaneEdit

Sgt. Stone had a brief relationship with P.C. Emma Keane, with potential to becoming more than professional until P.C. Keane was killed during a terrorist attack. Stone then proceeded to take his anger out on fellow Sergeant Dale Smith

Phillip Stone (Father died 2010) 

Unnamed Mother 

Major StorylinesEdit

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